Getting to Nazaré – 5 Ways

If you are located outside of Portugal and looking for flights to watch the Big Waves in Nazaré then Lisbon airport (LIS) is the closest airport. Nazaré is around 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Lisbon if you chose to go by car. You can rent a car at the airport as cheap as 10 Euros per day.


If you don't own a car and want to go from Lisbon to Nazaré, I recommend you taking the bus. It is cheaper than taking a rental car (car rental + gas + tolls) and it only takes you 20 minutes longer than going by car.

Getting to Nazaré by car from Lisbon

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Getting to Nazaré by car will take you around 1 hour and 30 minutes using the highway. Toll costs for a return tour from Lisbon can vary depending on the route you take. Going directly on the highway the toll costs vary between 4,85 Euros and 7,05 Euros. Depending on the route you take. For the longer trip, the costs are approximately 4,85 Euro. You can plan your trip on to see the exact toll costs. Tipp: Check out Things to do in Nazaré.

Getting to Nazaré by bus from Lisbon

Getting to Nazaré by bus is almost as simple and fast going there by car. The bus takes around 1 hour and 50 minutes. You can go either from Lisbon Oriente (buy a ticket here) or Lisbon Sete Rios (buy a ticket here) with Rede Expressos.

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From Sete Rios, the tickets are around 10,80 Euros per trip but busses go 5 times a day starting from 09:00 AM until 20:00 PM. The lastest bus going back from Nazaré to Lisbon is at 18:40 PM.

Taking the bus from Oriente is cheaper where you can get tickets from 6,00 Euros per trip but it only goes once a day. This option is only good if you prefer staying overnight or a weekend.

Getting to Nazaré by train from Lisbon

Taking the train from Lisbon to Nazaré takes quite a bit longer than by bus or car. Expect to be underway for at least 3 hours. The train starts in Sete Rios and takes you to Caldas da Rainha where you have to get another regional train that takes you to Nazaré. From Famalicao da Nazaré you still need to get to the center which is around 8 kilometers away. The price for a one-way trip is 9,65 Euro.

Getting to Nazaré

Getting to Nazaré From Porto By Car

Going to Nazaré from Porto will take you more or less 2 hours. Tolls are compared to the Lisbon route way more expensive. You will pay around 17,20 Euro each direction for tolls.

You can check on to see the exact toll costs for the route you want to take.

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Getting to Nazaré From Porto By Bus

You can also take a bus from Porto to Nazaré. The bus will take you between 2:45 hours up to 4 hours depending on the time you want to leave Porto. Prices are from 5,00 Euros per direction. If you have enough spare time in Nazaré check out Things to do in Nazaré, even if there are no waves.

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You will find the bus station at Campo 24 de Augusto in Porto. Drop-off in Nazaré is in the Avenida do Município close the beach Praia da Nazaré.